Geotechnics for Offshore Energy Applications

Organizers: Dr. Giovanna Biscontin, University of Cambridge

Offshore energy infrastructure, both for traditional oil and gas and alternative energy applications, has increased dramatically in the last decade. The type of infrastructure has also been changing. Whereas in the past offshore installations tended to be extremely large, now structure are much smaller and lighter, and are subjected to more complex loading patterns, for which new solutions need to be developed. In addition, it is often desirable to design foundations that are re-deployable or can be easily decommissioned. These numerous challenges are being addressed with innovative solutions and approaches.

This mini-symposium, sponsored by Technical Committee 308 of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, will welcome contributions relating to foundations for traditional and alternative energy applications, pipeline or riser-seafloor interactions, decommissioning of foundations, and any other relevant topic related to offshore geotechnical structures.