Innovations in Ground Thermal Energy Storage

Organizer: Dr. Fleur Loveridge, University of Leeds

While utilisation of the ground as a source or storage medium for thermal energy has been undertaken for many decades, there continues to be a need for reducing costs of installation and operation of schemes to promote uptake as widely as possible.  This development is an essential part of the drive to increase energy efficiency of cities and accelerate decarbonisation of energy use globally.  Consequently there continue to be innovations in ground thermal energy storage including in terms of the nature of ground heat exchangers, methods of analysis and design, scheme assessments and applications in challenging geo-environments. This mini symposium will cover the full breadth of ground thermal energy storage including, but not limited to:

  • Soil and rock thermal properties and thermal behaviour, their nature and investigation
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage
  • High temperature ground thermal energy storage applications
  • Coupling of ground thermal energy storage to other renewable technologies and next generation district heating schemes
  • Advances in design and analysis methods
  • Benefits of whole systems analysis
  • Innovations in direct cooling
  • Case studies, especially provision of comprehensive validation data
  • Whole life carbon and cost analyses
  • Low cost novel ground heat exchangers

This mini-symposium is under the auspices of the TC308 Task Force for Energy Geo-Structures and Storage of Thermal Energy in the Ground.