Swiss Geotechnical Society

Just before SEG2018 kicks-off, the 2-day “Research and Innovation in Geotechnical  Engineering” conference is taking place, hosted by the Swiss Geotechnical Society and the EPFL. The first day of the event (Monday, September 24) is dedicated to a short course on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering. On the second day (Tuesday, September 25), the Swiss geotechnical Society has the pleasure to host 2 guest speakers whose pioneering work has shaped the modern practice in our field. The day kicks-off with Dr. Suzanne Lacasse from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and her talk on “Innovation Related to Slope Safety”. The day continues with Dr. Brian Simpson from ARUP and his talk on “Recent Thinking on Design for Situations dominated by Water Pressure”. Please find below the full program of the event. Delegates attending SEG2018 are welcome to register for the 2-day event hosted by the Swiss geotechnical Society at the same venue and make the most out of the short course, lectures and networking events (Download Flyer & Registration Flyer). More info available here.