Social Events

Welcome Reception

A welcome reception will greet participants on the evening of the 25th of September in the Starling Hotel in Lausanne. The event will be held on the terrace, which offers a relaxing view of the nearby mountains across Lake Geneva. The location of the Starling Hotel can be seen below; for reference, the conference center where the symposium is being held is just out of frame to the bottom right. Complete directions to the hotel will be given as the symposium draws nearer. In the meantime, their website can be found here.

Location of the Starling Hotel

Gala Dinner

Participants are also invited to join us for a gala dinner at the Olympic Museum on the second full day of the conference.

Front Entrance of the Olympic Museum

The evening will begin with cocktails before we all dive into the banquet dinner. The museum is situated right at the edge of Lake Geneva which is a great place to go for a promenade in the evening. A short video showing some of what the museum has to offer can be found on Youtube.

Olympic Museum Dining Area

The Olympic Museum opened its doors in 1993, as a unique window on the world of sports. However, the Olympic history of Lausanne actually dates back more than a century. At its 100th anniversary, the International Olympic Committee made Lausanne the official Olympic Capital, a unique and prestigious title.

So, during the gala dinner, at the Olympic Museum, we intend to bring together the spirit of the Olympics and a highly distinguished international symposium on energy Geotechnics. We hope to see you there!

Just outside the Olympic Museum

If you find yourself with some extra time after the conference, the Olympic Museum is definitely worth a visit being the largest Olympic Games archive in the world. It is also incredibly interactive making it an enjoyable experience for all generations. Feel free to visit their website.