Hydraulic Stimulation In Energy Geotechnics: From Research To Practice

Organizer: Prof. Brice Lecampion, EPFL

In a large number of projects involving fluid injection or production, it is necessary to engineer / increase the permeability of the target rock formation in order to reach economical flow rate. This is notably the case of deep geothermal (EGS) and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs (shale gas, shale oil). Hydraulic stimulation is also sometimes required in order to increase the capacity of injector wells for gas or energy storage.  Hydraulic stimulation is a technology used in almost all geo-energy projects at large depth. It requires proper design and deployment as function of the specifics of the reservoir in order to positively impact the economics of these projects.

The goal of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers and engineers from academia and industry to share new results on hydraulic stimulation applied to geo-energy projects.  The technologies used in the field as well as the modeling tools used at the design stage are currently developing at a very fast pace. Such a mini-symposia will thus contribute in a better dissemination of recent results (both theoretical and practical) between academics and practitioners.